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Should probably start posting here again   
02:44pm 30/10/2007
  So yeah, I think I'm going to be posting in this LJ again just because I joined a couple of communities. Yeah. Anywho, today I'm going on my big adventure to Florida. Wh00t! If you want to know what I've been up to since my last entry just check my journals at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/derettoeevee/ . So yeah ^-^ Right now I'm at Shouri's dorm. I've been his pet for the past two days. <.<;; So yeah, just yeah... xP *yawns*  
03:48pm 28/08/2007
  I'm going to tell you this drama story as unbiasly as possible. The only reason I'm doing this is apparently a bunch of people are sad that Artemis (my fursona) isn't on my ex's site anymore. This is a bit long, so yeah. Emo free surprisingly though.

Well let me start off why we got together in the first place. Lets see... about three years ago I was an emo teenager. I was 15 at the time. Some time after Pokemon FR/LG came out I had developed a deep affection with the pokemon Eevee. I claimed to love and claimed I'd find one some day. At this time my dad had bought a new computer. I had a yahoo account and found my way into a pokemon chat room. After defending pokemon from flamers some fans sent me a link to a forum. I joined and still remain there. I made two friends from the site. I was very emotional with them. Always crying and getting depressed about love and such. My current relationship (which was with someone IRL that I almost never got to see) wasn't going to well. There's wasn't any problems or anything, but nothing was happening, so yeah. Anywho, I looked at the females that seemed to entice my interests on the forums. One was already taken and the second wasn't interested and then there was Jolty. She was more surprised that she got asked more then anything else. We really knew nothing about each other, but we didn't think much of it. As a matter of fact I found out that she was 11 after I asked her. xP! But I didn't let that bother me too much.

So, she mentioned furriness on the site. Let me get into that. I first let Jolty know about me being a furry cause I had a friend draw a picture of Artemis mating Jolty (yes kids, mating.) I had felt bad about having the picture drawn. At this time I was a major idealists (but more towards the extreme conservative side) and felt really bad about this. She said it was alright though. She might've mentioned something about being flattered. She said it was alright, so eventually I started talking to her about sexual stuff. Stuff like kids (yeah, 15 and 11 thinking of kids, how stupid is that?) and such. We pretty much spent everyday asking each other questions. I was mostly talking, but yeah.

Then there was the forum yahoo chat rooms. I remember I posted pokemon pron on there constantly cause I thought it was funny seeing a couple of people gasps. Then there were those who would actually cheer me on and tell me to post more. Heh, I just thought I was being cool. Course thinking back now I want to punch myself in the face.

As far as the me begging Jolty to draw me thing I did do that. In all reality it wasn't much. I could think of about 10 fully drawn and colored pictures that Jolty did. According to her though she half-assed all of them. I'm not sure if that's the case or if she's just trying to spite me to this point.

To be fair though I did things for her. Though they might not have been done by myself I took the time to get really good friends of mine to draw pictures of her and I (adult to clean ration was about 1:1). But a we ended up getting a lot of publicity because of these drawings being done by several different artists. Probably most notably was the small e-card flash that A Si had made for our first Valentine's Day.

As for the actual problems. I at the time had this whole family thing I was trying to pull. That led to the creation of Eon Oasis. I admined Jolty on the site without her even having to ask. At this time I was making more friends. Basically I let the people closest to me become admin at the forums. Things were good for a long while. The main problem here was my use of the word 'love'. I pretty much said it to all my admin. I told them I loved them all the time. Which when you think about it really isn't improper cause love has three definitions. This bothered her a lot though. She got slightly jealous of this. In all reality I always still intended to spend the rest of my life with Jolty if it wasn't possible to get all my admin together (yeah, great emo teenage dream.)

Although, Jolty kinda had the same. Everyday I would read her livejournal and read about how she would be happy some days and sad other days about the way these two or three guys in her class treated her. She claimed to love them and wrote about them everyday. I approached Jolty about it eventually. She was apologetic at first and crying when I brought it up. I made the mistake of telling her it was alright and that I didn't mind to much. Eventually after a year of being together she broke up with me. There was no real reason projected at this time. I remember, I mad a big huge scene about the whole thing. I felt like I was going to die. I couldn't eat anything. Jolty claims to have felt the same. We got together the next day again after I cried enough and begged her. I don't know why I did. Perhaps I was just afraid or something...

Oh yes! I forgot to mention that about a month before the break up I had some sexual contact with my best friend from grade school. We pawed and sucked each other a bit. Of course Jolty got hurt. You may still see her calling me a cheating bastard, perhaps I am. However I personally believe I'm not for these reasons: It was a one time thing and never happened again for the remainder of the relationship; Neither of us took it in the butt (lawl); I told her the very next day. Meaning that it was not a violation of trust cause I didn't do it behind her back; and it was somewhat of a desperate moment. I was staying with my friend cause I had just ran away from home (this was the first time) and had a lot of emotional trauma going in my head. So yeah, I don't call what I did cheating mainly for the not violating trust portion.

Anywho, things were fine again for a good while after we got together. Some emo teenage drama here and there, but nothing too bad. Course when I added another person to my love list about 4 months later she broke up with me again. From that point we were off and on with the relationship. She says I abused her with requests but I personally don't believe I did, but whatever.

It was during this time that I managed to get closer to Crygeon (my current partner). He helped me through this hard time. As hard as being emo could be anywho.

So now for the random details. You may hear Jolty complaining about me showing her my "stuff". Yes I showed her. This was about 6 months into the relationship though. That and she had actually flashed me twice on web-cam before I showed her my bits. Keep in mind that she wanted to flash me. I didn't even ask her. And she wanted to seem my bits. We were together for a good time now so I didn't think much of it. I was 16 and she was 12 or 13, so yeah.

So yeah, there's probably a lot I'm forgetting. But that's pretty much the short story. I don't want to get into detail and would actually rather not try to remember the stupidity of two teenagers who should've never been stupid enough to get into an online relationship from across the ocean. xP

Hurray for emo teenagers! Wh00t!

if you want to comment do it on my FA journal.

07:23pm 05/06/2007
  Starting playing KH2, and I can't stop staring at:

now I'm having a pic drawn of sora and I.

I'm officially a pedo. xP
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03:13pm 20/05/2007
  Har har har! I've made my first AMV for Ginga Densetsu Weed! I hope you guys like it. ^-^ Don't worry, I promise to get better in the future! xP

I'd appreciate it if you commented on both here and youtube.


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12:10pm 19/05/2007
  I'm going to attempt to make my first AMV using "Time is Running Out ~ Muse. With the anime Ginga Densetsu Weed. Look it up on youtube if you're curious about what the anime is about. ^-^  
01:27pm 18/05/2007
  5 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT BEFORE FINALS FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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12:02pm 17/05/2007
  got three music CDs. 2 muse and one 30seconds to mars. to lazy for grammar. finally got some legit birthday gifts. ^-^ currently waiting for 5 more gifts still.  
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12:21pm 16/05/2007
mood: yawnzors

applied for college and shiz like that. Had a lot of fun with furries this past weekend. Met some online friends. Started watching a new anime featuring sexy dogs as the main cast. All the significant characters are dogs. :3 that's about it.
Happy Birthday to me!   
12:34pm 11/05/2007

Well today is me birthday, and so far it's been going alright. I bought cupcakes to share with my CS class. ^-^

I don't feel well at the moment, but that's because of my bad thinking and trying to make myself feel bad in hopes of feeling even better when something good happens. I finally got my ride for tomorrow which makes me feel a lot better. 

I'm a bit upset that 10 people have read my thread and only 2 posted. I guess people just don't like me at TCoD. Makes me wonder if I should leave.

Needless to say I think of my real friends and now I'm feeling a lot better, especially for what they've done for just being here today for my b-day. ^_^

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12:17pm 08/05/2007
  Saw Spiderman 3. A lot of people didn't like it but I did. LOL, Toby McGuire gets magical hair extensions and jet black hair dying powers (basically making him emo) when he puts on the black symbiot suit. xP

I'm going to hopefully be visiting and staying the nigh with Ardy, Growly, and Raukue on Friday. I'm eager to meet up with Kazu-kun again at the furmeet the following day. ^^ I'm going to have so much fun!
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Seven Wings   
12:39pm 02/05/2007
  writing stories seems to be a trend so I decided to write Seven Wings something I thought about a while back. Horrible prologue, but then again it is just a prologue and I did rush this in my CS class O:

Seven Wings
Proluge: Sealed

"The moon is nice out tonight, isn't it Loyando?" the luxio asked, looking at his grotle companion.
"Yeah, it's pretty good looking," he laughed. "Hey Zephiro, check out it's reflection within the lake." Zephiro looked at the reflection which Loyando had motioned at by his fore paws. He wasn't exactly sure what he was supposed to see. "No, look closer," the turtle pressed. Zephiro nodded and did what he was told. Looking so close that his nose was almost touching the moon buried under the lake's surface.
Not knowing something always bothered him. He just simply gave up on seeing whatever it was his friend wanted. "I still don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing. Just tell me what it is already."
"Alright," he smiled. His dug into the ground slightly. "You should've been able to see... this coming!" He laughed, tackling him.

"Damn!" Zephiro cried, flying into the lake. Yolando was laughing is tail off as water splashed onto his back. Zephiro on the other paw struggled to recover his movement in the water. "Stupid turtle doesn't know his own strength," he thought to himself, about to make his way back to the surface until a gleam of light caught his eye. Totally disregarding the fact that he wasn't getting any oxygen he made his way towards the source. Meanwhile his friend had finished laughing at the already dead prank. It took him a while to notice that his lion friend had not yet resurfaced. He himself had a hard time swimming with his bulky body and fear of a bad fate began to fill his body.

Zephiro soon had made it to his target, which turned out to be a rather large looking pearl. He stared at the object with awe. He placed both his paws on it as he internally laughed a bit at what could result in him showing off his excavation. Unbenounced to him, his paws soon begin to glow in a mixture of pink and yellow. He tried to retract his paws immediatly but only managed to get the orb attached to his chest. He screamed and hollered a bit as he pushed his way back to the surface with minimal use of his fore legs. As he pushed harder and continued to attempt to free his paws the orb began to make its way inside of him. Soon his paws were free and he quickly made his way to the surface of the lake gasping for air. Slowly he pulled himself back onto land. He could hear familiar steps comming closer as he blacked out at the edge of the lake.

That's it for now. Yeah I suck, but tell me what you think. Oh, and should I write it in another lj?
HALL OF FAME No. 1 Apr. 28, 2007   
02:14pm 30/04/2007
  Riuu/Lopunny ♂ Lv.43
Nrvnsqr/Skuntank ♂ Lv.46
Cerine/Empoleon ♀ Lv. 51
Alin/Floatzel ♂ Lv. 44
Amitie/Staraptor ♀ Lv. 45
Zephiro/Luxray ♂ Lv. 50

Time of completion: aprox. 39 hours.

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01:00pm 27/04/2007
  I hate how people jump down my throat when I'm wrong -_-;

Apparently being calm about the situation is totally wrong and I'm apparently supposed to be going "OMG FREAK OUT!!!" over a Timmy's situation. Course trying to remain calm and make calm posts that obviously stated my concern ("just hurry [to the hospital]... >.<"). Course posting the severity of the situation and freaking everyone out is totally the way to go.

Unlike everyone else I'm actually keeping my head on straight. In fact I've already prepared this "get well soon card" and a "stay alive' card and of course a small little welcome back appreciation^-^. Aside from that I have been constantly meditating/praying on her behalf. I saw her online about 10 mins before Tailsy showed me her LJ about 5PM -8GMT, so I'm sure she'll be ok. We just need to give her our faith and do our best to help keep her calm enough so that she doesn't do it again.

Truth be told, we're all partly to blame. =\

message for TimmyCollapse )

personal thoughts and reflections (emoness) These are personal thoughts and I wish for... i don't know...Collapse )

To conclude I'm totally screwing the latest lj-cut and I'm going to concetrate on making Timmy feel well. I'm pushing through my problems and hopefully if she makes it through this I'll help her do the same.

Worse case scenario, cause all things must be considered, I'll pray that her artistic Umbreon soul goes wherever she wants it to go.

Get well soon Timmy... ^-^
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Pokemon Diamond pwns your ass D=   
05:30pm 22/04/2007
  Yes, I have it. Yes, it pwns. No, it's not a biased statement.

Current Team:
Kieri/BIDOOF Lv10
Amitie/STARLY Lv9
Cerine/PIPLUP Lv15
Zephiro/Shinx Lv10

Player: Deretto
Badges: 1
Pokedex: 14 (only states seen)
Time: 3:00

Man, I'm slow. I was very distracted. I love my Dialga Stylus. Too bad there's you can't do more with it. =\
New Game   
07:52pm 16/04/2007
  Well, I'm currently downloading a brand new open beta game called Rumble Fighter. It has the same creater of Albatross 18 (or Pangya). This is a fighting game where apparently up to 8 people can fight it out with characters ranging between four classes and male/female genders (genders have different starting stats). I'm going to be a Soul Fighter for obvious reasons (male just because even though females seem to have better spirit and speed where as males have better power and defense.) Of course since this is the first day of beta there's going to be a ton of bugs. As if beta testing a fighting game isn't buggy enough already. Well, time for me to go look for infinites and kick but. See ya!  
Coward's Meme   
06:25am 14/04/2007
  The Coward's Meme.
(Say what you truly think of 10 people, but don't say who they are!)

(♥ The Coward's Meme.)
1. I love it when people take my thoughts for solid measures. Apparently thinking is a crime. I'm not allowed to convey my thoughts and feeling without being persecuted, even I'm just trying to sort them out. I love it
2. I love it when people tell me what and what not to do, or when they start saying shit to me. It's even more lovely when they were doing the very thing they're yelling at me about just weeks ago.
3. I love it when people don't even take the time to hear me out. They witness or hear of something and immediately make judgement with no trial at all what-so-ever.
4. I love it when people lie. They lie in and out of the wazoo. They lie at any moment possible in order to protect their reputation. They lie to make you feel better about something at the moment (in the deceitful way). They lie just because they can.
5. I love people who can't take blame. Even I can understand how hard that can be, but at least I don't blame it on something stupid such as PMS, "mood swings", or even "you caught me at a bad time."
6. I love people who talk about the biggest and most awesome dream you can think of, yet they can't even get their foot through the door in terms of progress.
7. I love coward's who say things behind my back or have other people speak to me for them (note that if you ask me if #x is about you I will tell you)
(good time)
8. I love it when you know I'm not feeling or doing well without me having to say a word.
9. I love it when I'm helped with a problem that's sorta out of the ordinary. Even it may be "right" the solution is against their personal values, yet they help me out anyways. ^-^
(bad time again)
10. Wanna know what I love the most? Is when people start saying shit about me even though they know that I know so much shit about them. I'm not one to blackmail though. Lucky him. Though he really should stop saying things to me considering he's a lot worse off.
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06:21am 14/04/2007
mood: Pwnage
I pwn at card games. *laugh at Kiyo* Perhaps it help that I had Beginners Luck x3? I love UFS. Probably pick it up next year or something. Kiyobi even helped me make my own card. He has to transfer it to me though.

On another note, my messengers seem lonely O: No one is one when I get on (or I'm blocked o.o). Well, at least I still have infinites on IRC @w@
now a quote from one of my Role Models   
07:41am 08/04/2007
  "Right and wrong are not what seperate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that seperate us. Both sides blame one another. There's no good or bad side. Just 2 sides holding different views." ~ Squall  
Party @ Robymon's!   
08:37pm 06/04/2007
  So yeah, we had a partie at Robymon (or is it Robiemon?) We beat KH2, and I got to spoil the ending for myself, oh well. xP Followed by Smash Brothers! Zero pwn'd the majority of the time in Melee. Course I made a decent comback in Mario Power Tennis. That opening movie is flip'n (lol, Kiyobi word) crazy! Course I just killed everyone in Soul Caliber II. We finished off with Naruto Clash of Ninja 2, and it actually wasn't that bad of a game. I found out I'm good with Kankaro (the guy with the puppet). Since Zero has had godly experience with this game we spent most of our time doing 3v1 (Shouri was there too) using the game auto-balance handicap. So overall it was fun.

Next Friday is a get together at Kiyobi's place, and next Saturday I'm going to hopefully hang out with Lando, Ardy, and Growly. Shouri is coming along as well. This should be a fun spring break. ^^;
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New Avatar   
09:07am 05/04/2007
  If you neglect the fact that Sakura's index and ring finger are holding the card from behind.... she's flipping you off. (not why I have it as a user pic).

Anywho, I'm ready to move past furry drama thrown at me. I've decided to retaliate for the sake of my well being and my friends who hate seeing me in fights. I'll do my best not to let things blow out of proportion. Even if I'm right, I've decided not to destroy the ignorant bliss of others and allow them to learn for themselves.

Anywho, I'm glad all the hackers in GMS are pretty much gone thanks to that new patch. They can't do that hit the entire field hack anymore. They're back to vacing and godding. I haven't seen any botting though. This is great cause now I actually go channel surfing for hackers and KS the fuck out of them until they leave. xP I love it.
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